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A Dolphin Ladies holiday tale…

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A Dolphin Ladies holiday tale…


Claire Coghlin who is one of our lovely Dolphin Ladies regularly holidays in Florida in search of some winter sun, this year instead of being the swimmer she was one of the teachers, handing out very useful hints and tips to an American gentleman, here’s her story….

“ My husband and I have been going to Florida in January for some years, and we love watching the dolphins leaping in the creek below our bedroom balcony.  Last January, however, I had a rather different experience – this time I was the dolphin (or rather, the Dolphin Lady).

We were staying at a hotel at St Pete Beach, and I had been happily swimming up and down a large, beautiful and well heated outside pool. When I returned to my sun lounger a man in his mid-sixties came up and congratulated me on my swimming style (!). He told me that he had just started having swimming lessons, and asked if I had any tips for him.  I recalled Cecile’s advice: ‘Remember that the water is your friend.  Lie face down, floating without effort, then gently begin to move your arms and legs. At “our age” the narrow-angled crawl arm stroke can cause problems with the shoulders, so imagine you are stretching your arm in front of you over a barrel.’  My new friend thanked me and got back into the water.  He was a brilliant pupil (much better than me), but after a couple of lengths he came back and asked what he should do if he felt the breathing going wrong. ‘Roll over on to your back,’ I advised (another Dolphin tip).  A few minutes later, his swim ended, he came back and offered to buy me (and my somewhat amused husband) a drink, which I accepted.

So thank you, Cecile, and the Dolphin Ladies in general – your methods have spread across the Atlantic and earned at least one of your members a chilled Chardonnay (albeit in a plastic glass!)”


Cecile Prebble from Cuckfield who is one of the qualified teachers says ‘I thoroughly enjoy teaching our ladies. It is very rewarding to see them gain confidence in front of your eyes. But most of all, I have made many good friends and it’s fun!’

Dolphin Ladies have classes for beginners, improvers and advanced swimmers, with members encouraged at every level.  There is something for everyone, some of whom go on to compete in triathlons and open water swimming, others go on to teach at the club, whilst many come along just to improve their swimming and have fun!

Some of course, go on to give swimming tips abroad, everyone is welcome – well maybe not the boys!


Debbie Sheridan