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Moira Kinnear retires from teaching

Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club / Blog  / Moira Kinnear retires from teaching

Moira Kinnear retires from teaching

Moira Kinnear, who has been teaching at the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club since 1999, has reached ‘’swimming teacher retirement age’’ and hangs up her goggles!

At this year’s AGM the club showed their gratitude for her commitment and presented Moira with a bouquet of flowers and a Life Membership in recognition of her long service to the club.

It all began for Moira back in 1990 when she joined Dolphin Ladies, thinking that she’d enjoy a swim and that it would be a bit of fitness and fun. As with most ladies who join the club, Moira soon realised that she still had a thing or two to learn and said that it was fun being taught how to swim properly and master lots of other water skills, to say nothing of the challenge of life guarding!

Moira says “it was this that inspired me to join the lovely, patient teachers and put something back into this amazing club”. She passed her Level One teaching qualification in 1993 and in 1999, with another teacher, she started running the Friday classes and continued for 17 years, something which she found very rewarding.

Most of the teachers at the club have joined as swimmers and then gone on to qualify and teach. Moira is no exception and would like to encourage anyone to do this saying “it’s hugely rewarding to witness “your” ladies improve their skills and confidence in the pool, whilst progressing at their own pace.  Like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out! I have met many people and made many friends over the years being a member of Dolphin Ladies and it has, and continues to be, a most enjoyable part of my life. I’m honoured to be granted a Life Membership”

Moira will be sorely missed as a teacher, but is still very much part of the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club and we all look forward to swimming with her and picking up the odd tip or two!

Thank you Moira for your commitment to the club, we are all very grateful.