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Author: janey

Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club / Articles posted by janey


The club is delighted to welcome Sheri McCurdy to the teaching team. She originally joined the club as a swimming member, but has now passed the Level 1 teaching certificate and is helping our ladies with their swimming. Congratulations also go to the following ladies for their impressive swims outside the club: Margaret Carter: 2.5K around St Michael’s Mount Katie Archibald: one mile in the Serpentine Debbie Sheridan: half a mile in the Serpentine Ngaire Simmonds: her first Brighton Triathlon Congratulations also to: Christine Moles: who always wanted to do a somersault Susan Taylor: swam a length of front crawl for the first time...


Celebrating 25 years at Ardingly College

The club celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Ardingly venue with a special morning of fun, games and races in the pool. Colourful props such as swim noodles, hoops and lilos added much hilarity to the occasion. This was followed with tea and cakes which was enjoyed by all....


DLSC celebrates 40 years at the Dolphin

The club organised a special event to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Every class devised their own challenges in the pool, such as 40 seconds of synchro, a 40 length relay and a 40x25m swim in individual medley order. The event was great fun and followed with a celebration cake and a display of photos with the club’s history. Since 1977, over 1,500 members have learnt to swim or improved their swimming, and many lasting friendships have been made along the way.  ...