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7 July 2019

All change at Ardingly


The summer term at Ardingly College ends with a final swim on 26th July and then it’s all change at the start of the new term when our swim morning will switch from Friday to Monday…

This is not something which the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club have initiated but Ardingly College are increasing their competitive swimming profile and in order for this to happen they need to re-gig their timetable. We are, of course, very grateful for the use of their lovely pool and are delighted they take their swimming seriously – who knows there may be a future Adam Peaty or Rebecca Adlington amongst their pupils!

Thankfully our ladies have generally been very understanding and extremely loyal to our club and have been very positive about the change of days. Many are looking forward to starting their week with a Monday morning swim.

We are also very grateful to our teachers who give their time voluntarily to the club, with many accommodating the change in days – without them we would be in a real predicament. So as always, a big thank you to the teachers..

We are fully aware that due to other commitments this change doesn’t suit everyone. Sadly some of our ladies are unable to continue and we are very sorry to see them leave the club which has been swimming at the college for over 25 years. Returning swimmers are always welcome so hopefully one day they will be back either at Ardingly or The Dolphin Leisure Centre on Tuesday mornings, where our classes remain unchanged.

As a result there are a few vacancies in the 30 minute swim sessions at which start at 8:00am on Monday. For more information please contact us through the normal channels.

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