Welcome to Swimming!

5 Reasons why every women should get in the water:
1. Swimming strengthens the muscles and increases flexibility
2. Swimming burns calories and helps manage weight
3. Swimming reduces stress levels
4. Swimming raises self esteem
5. Swimming is a low impact exercise

Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club is a non-competitive club that aims to improve confidence, technique and fitness. Ladies of all ages and abilities are welcome including complete beginners.

Take the plunge and join one of our small and friendly classes - remember swimming is great for family bonding and anyone can do it!

improve your swimming strokes

or learn a new stroke

Half hour lessons with qualified swimming teachers

Ladies from 19 to 90! We welcome all abilities, including non-swimmers.

Come and watch our Tuesday swimming classes, by visiting The Dolphin and viewing from the gallery.

New members are always welcome.

Brief Info

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We meet on;

Tuesday mornings at

Haywards Heath  

Friday mornings at


Full swimming class details here.

And location info here.

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