Founded by Jeanne Izod, the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club started on the 26th April 1977 at The Dolphin Leisure Centre, Haywards Heath. Twelve ladies registered for the very first lesson and six who joined during that first year still swim today.

In 1979, Jeanne Izod and Ruth Ferguson were the first of our swimmers to become teachers. Jeanne retired in 2010 having become one of the eldest Swimming Teachers in the country at 90 years old, though still attending poolside and committee meetings for a further two years. Ruth recently retired in 2013

The club has featured many times in the local "Middy" newspaper, including the official opening of the pool in June 1977, Princess Anne's visit in 1991, and the celebrations in April 2007 to mark the club's 30th Anniversary. On this occasion, one hundred and forty guests arrived for a social evening of good food and drink, and ex-members, teachers and current members saw displays of awards, newspaper clippings and photographs taken over the years.

In order to accommodate the increasing waiting list, it ran additional classes in Burgess Hill for several years, and although these have now ceased, a thriving session has been running at Ardingly College since September 1990. They maintain our high standard of teaching and allow more swimmers to swim lengths instead of widths.

Many ladies joined DLSC when their youngest child started school, but our oldest swimmer is 96 years old, which shows the youngsters how good swimming is, for body and mind. Since 1977 ONE AND A HALF THOUSAND ladies have had swimming lessons with the DLSC

Membership of the Dolphin Ladies Swimming Club has now grown to around 170.

Brief Info

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  • Founded 1977
  • One of our founding swimmers still teaches!
  • Princess Anne visited us in 1991.
  • Additional classes running at Ardingly since 1990.
  • Since 1977 ONE AND A HALF THOUSAND ladies have had swimming lessons with the DLSC
  • Current Membership around 170.

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