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Most of our teachers joined as swimmers only able to swim head-up breaststroke. They progressed through the classes to a standard where many were invited to take a course to become swimming teachers.

Currently 73 members have trained to become swimming teachers for the DLSC. Today 20 are still teaching for the club and a few also teach for schools and Places for People Leisure.

A book was produced by Stephanie Wilson to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the DLSC It includes newspaper articles and photographs of members, a thirty year diary of events at the club plus a list of all teachers, swimmers and committee members who have served throughout the years. The book is still available on poolside. The local library also has two copies.

A recent addition has been the introduction of a termly newsletter.

Any member wishing to train to teach swimming for the DLSC can be offered half their course fees, provided they teach for a minimum of one year after qualifying. This has proved very popular, with some members who have subsequently made a career of teaching swimming.

DLSC has regular committee meetings to discuss the running of the club. Members generally arrange their own social functions, and ladies often gather for tea or coffee after a swim.

We have an AGM during February at the Leisure Centre or local hall nearby in Haywards Heath. All members are encouraged to support this event which also runs a raffle to raise money for local charities.

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